• Yet Another Advantage of the Donor Advised Fund

    Sometimes our clients will get requests for charitable contributions towards the end of the tax year. This is understandable since historically charitable contributions have been tied to the tax year in which they occur. But sometimes this ends up putting our clients in a race against the IRS to “hurry up and give“ before the holidays, when a more measured approach would have enhanced both the effectiveness and enjoyment of the act of giving. This is where a donor advised fund can help.

  • Giving Appreciated Assests

    Do you remember that stock you bought in that brokerage account back in the 80s? Do you know how much capital gains tax you’re going to pay on it when you finally sell it? What if instead of paying tax on it, you got a tax deduction on it and allocated more of your social capital to charities than to the government? Welcome to the second in our series of charitable gifting strategies.

  • Donor Advised Funds

    So this month, we are going to focus our blog posts on the topic of giving. Checks and direct deposits to your favorite charitable causes have long been primary giving methods. This still works, and yet other tools have been created to help people give more strategically as well as generously.

  • Dates to Watch

    With a special nod to Ed Mills and Chris Meekins, policy analysts inside Raymond James Equity Research and their November 13th report, here are some key dates to keep an eye on coming up. Some with political implications, others with ramifications for legislation:

  • The Fiduciary Standard: Then and Now

    Recently I was on the phone with a good friend who has his investment account elsewhere. Given what he was trying to do with his investments, I could tell that another advisory firm would be the better fit for him, even though telling him so precluded me from making any money.

    That is what it means to follow the fiduciary standard. The fiduciary standard requires that we put the interests of our clients ahead of our own.