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Dates to Watch

With a special nod to Ed Mills and Chris Meekins, policy analysts inside Raymond James Equity Research and their November 13th report, here are some key dates to keep an eye on coming up. Some with political implications, others with ramifications for legislation:


November 20: Georgia vote certification date

November 21-22: G20 meetings

November 22: Temporary funding expires for Medicare and Medicaid extenders creating a “must-pass” health bill deadline

November 23: Pennsylvania vote certification date

November 30: Arizona vote certification date

December 1: Nevada vote certification date

December 8: State electoral disputes must be resolved six days prior to when Electoral College electors meet and cast votes (by this date)

December 14: Electoral College electors cast ballots to formally elect President

December 11: Expiration of stop-gap government funding, per October 1 extension

December 11: Fed bank supervision conference, featuring remarks by Fed Supervision Chair Quarles

December 31: Expiration of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) under CARES Act

January 6: Election certification date in Congress

January 20: Inauguration Day


As always, we will be watching these events, and helping our clients distinguish between short term noise and long-term trends. If you have any questions about how these events might play out, feel free to touch base with us. It’s our pleasure to serve you and your team.