Our Clients

Some practices have clients. We have friends and family. Folks that, in many cases, we’ve known for years. Others just feel like lifelong friends because we share the passion for an abundance mindset, with a focus on a future that is bigger than their past. 


Business Owners and their teams

We specialize in serving the owners of small, closely-held businesses. The industries vary widely - manufacturing, medical services, construction, intellectual capital, professional services, and agriculture, to name a few. And whether we help with their qualified plan, key employee retention strategies, corporate financial planning or their own strategic succession plan, we help these amazing people minimize their dangers, capture their most strategic opportunities, and build on their fundamental strengths. 



We know we’re biased, but we think we get to serve some of the best families ever to come through the Flint Hills. Retiring executives, professors, doctors and U.S. service members who have diligently worked a long time to leave their corner of the world better than they found it. Sometimes, that involves helping fund a grandchild’s education, other times it involves passing on wealth to heirs and charity in a way that maximizes the positive impact on both. In every case, we remain laser-focused on each client’s unique vision for their future, and how we can best bring our resources and connections to bear to help them achieve their goals.


Those who serve

I’ll never forget the welcome home ceremony we got to attend to see one of my best friends return to his family after deployment. Growing up around Ft. Riley, we’ve had the privilege of befriending some incredible service members. From U.S. Army doctors to a retired Navy commander, to an Air Force ROTC instructor to a traveling healthcare professional on a COVID floor, we’re honored to serve those who serve our country.