Personal Financial Planning


Asset management

We help you invest with confidence while taking steps to mitigate market risk. Knowing when to buy, sell, or just hold on for the ride can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you build a long-term strategy that can handle some bumps along the road.

Insurance & Risk Management

We help you integrate decisions about life insurance, long-term care, disability, critical illness and Medicare into the larger context of your comprehensive financial plan, so that unforeseen circumstances don’t mean you have to quit on your dreams.

Tax Planning*

We work with your CPA or tax professional to help you earn, invest, sell, spend and give while minimizing your tax burden.

Estate planning and trust services

We coordinate with your legal professional to ensure that your documents are in order and up to date, that your beneficiary designations are in line with your wishes, and that your estate plan facilitates tax-efficient transfer to your heirs.*

Educational Funding

We help you build a pathway to higher education for you, your family, or whoever it is you want to see succeed in life.

Charitable Gifting Strategies

We love helping our clients make their charitable gifting go further by helping them utilize the many tools available: from Donor Advised Funds to Charitable Remainder Trusts and many more, we help clients make a bigger impact in the lives of those they love to support.

Financial Planning for Business Owners


Retirement Plan Management

We take the complexity of retirement plan administration, streamline it, and help you focus your attention on running your business while we help your team save and build a plan for their future.

Key Employee Retention

You want to reward everyone, but especially those who have made themselves critical to the long-term success of the business. We help you do that.

Buy-Sell Planning & Succession Strategies

Chances are, one of your biggest assets is your business. Whether you want to sell it or just need a plan in place in case you walk in front of a bus, we help you build the infrastructure that supports its long-term growth when you’re there and after you’ve gone.

Estate Planning for Business Succession

If you’ve run a successful business, you may be concerned about getting burned in taxes as you transfer your wealth. That’s why we’ve spent years studying estate tax law and its various changes, so we can help you build plans for a tax-efficient retirement and legacy.

"Neither Raymond James Financial Services nor any Raymond James Financial Advisor renders advice on tax, legal or mortgage issues, these matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional. Investing involves risk, investors may incur a profit or loss regardless of the strategy or strategies employed. Retaining the services of a financial professional does not ensure a favorable outcome."